Queer Song?

What song means a lot to me as a queer person?

I mean I always find dancing to YMCA at straight weddings kinda hilarious but I’m thinking there should be something with a bit more substance to it.

Something by the Indigo Girls or something. I’m not hugely into Rent nor do I see Rocky Horror as being a particularly Queer film (I am not getting into problematic discussions right now).

The soundtrack to Velvet Goldmine is great but not hugely Queer Meaningful to me.

It’s the chords that are getting to me, and I know what song it is but I couldn’t tell you exactly why it gets to me.

It’s I’ve Never Been To Me by Charlene, from the Priscilla Queen of the Desert Soundtrack. But to me it’s not the opener, it plays over the triumph of three “cocks in frocks” on that rock. (I know, I know climbing Uluru is absolutely wrong and there’s a reason it is now banned but when I, an innocent white kid watched that film it was ‘climbing Ayres Rock’ and it was three Queer people triumphing over this weird Straight Thing and I loved it).

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