Queerness and Spirituality

I’ve got a book, somewhere, the cover of which has glitter on it. I think it’s called Gay Wicca. A lot of it talks about the changes from the unthinking heteronormativity of the myths and stories of Wicca.

I mean when your basic understanding of the changing seasons comes down to God fucks Goddess it’s very easy to continue that heteronormativity outwards. The thing is though, a lot of the precursors to Dianic Wicca (Starhawk I am looking straight at you), through looking for feminist understandings found some gay and lesbian ones.

I don’t feel a need to go looking for queer gods, I know people who do, that’s fine, there are plenty of queer gods.

I have found my understanding of who I am, in terms of gender, sexuality, all of it, has come hand in hand through my spiritual practice.

The prompt for today is, ‘how do queerness and spirituality intersect for you?’ My answer is they do all over the shop. My queerness and my religiosity are such fundamental parts of who I am that they have always gone hand in hand.

Part of the Quiltbag getting more and more rights and being accepted further and further means that lesbian creation myths and Loki are no longer the few and far between bits of queerness seemingly inserted into mainstream paganism but rather aspects of more and more queer philosophies that are constantly discussed, refined and fomented within paganism today.

I love how spiritually connected my queerness feels. I love how spiritually connected I feel.

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