Me and MakeUp

I have a particular relationship with makeup. I am absolutely fascinated by it, I used to nick my cousins make-up when I was a kid, probably because I wasn’t allowed any when I was that young. (She’s a year older than me). Maybe just because I was an annoying kid.

I had one of those doll heads to do makeup on too. I remember enjoying that. But I never got into wearing make up at school or much for general life. I wear moisturiser to work and it’s not even tinted. I am absolutely in a minority for this.

Today I hennaed my hair and fake-tanned, slapped on my favourite lipstick and earrings and worked from home. No one was going to see me and so I actually wore make up and jewellery.

There’s something in that about the performative nature of femininity but I’m not sure what. It’s time for bed in any case, I’ll likely muse further on this tomorrow.

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