Group Therapy

Last year I had a traumatic experience. I had more than one if I want to get granular but honestly since seeing the girl who attempted suicide I feel like all the negatives in my life have been turned up to eleven.

Realistically what’s happening is I feel like everything is more negative and I do know that, but it’s hard to see that when you’re in it. It feels like more things have gone wrong and it’s hard to get an objective view on it.

Waiting lists are hell at the moment, next week I get seen for something I got referred for last summer and those symptoms have been gently stacking up as I’ve been waiting. So when a mate from school said she was running a trauma therapy group I jumped on it. It’s not the only time since November I’ve cashed in very tangible favours from friends. I needed help and fuck it, I’m taking the offers because this is the rainy day fund that I’ve got, other people’s goodwill.

I’ve been a Mish, thé reward you get for being a Mish is to be a Mish. Price and reward all in one.

So I’ve started group therapy basically. It’s geared largely around domestic violence and coercive control, but then isn’t the reason that the schoolgirl hanging got to me down to unhealed scars caused by domestic violence and coercive control? I’d say so.

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