My Job

My job is stressful. But the thing is, the way I do my job is stressful. I can’t seem to explain why I need to not do my job the way I do because I’m not paid enough to do it the way I do. It comes across as materialistic and it’s not exactly, it’s that I’m doing a job as if I’m a professional but I’m being paid to be an unskilled worker.

I’m not paid minimum wage for all of my jobs, but I’m not paid as if I’m a thinking worker for all of them either. It doesn’t help that I have six separate jobs currently. Or that HMRC seems to play tax roulette with them – which jobs should I pay most taxes on? Who knows! Should it relate to what hours I do for any of them? Absolutely not!

Promoting autonomy, trying to work with someone so they have the tools to live alone, it’s not the same as going and doing cleaning or making food. I’m not paid enough to be able to do that kind of job then take time away from it and relax.

Cleaning and making food are at least things I enjoy doing and am good at and I get to relax whilst doing them. But I’m often thinking that I need to find more to do with the job in front of me and sure the people I work for do need me to but also, the level of thought, the time that goes into that, I’m not paid for that and I need to stop because that’s the stressful bit and that’s the unsustainable bit.

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