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There was a book by Emma Frost that I read and it stayed with me in that way that some books do. I’ve blogged about it before. Because that book very much effected my views on getting stuck in the conventions of relationships. Relationships that impress me remain those that are wide eyed and self-knowing. … Read More

My Job

My job is stressful. But the thing is, the way I do my job is stressful. I can’t seem to explain why I need to not do my job the way I do because I’m not paid enough to do it the way I do. It comes across as materialistic and it’s not exactly, it’s … Read More

Not Like You

I was talking with my Mum about the effects of the word social distancing dynamics on The Smol Dragon today. This conversation kicked off because The Bonsai Kaiju told The Princess he was very sad they couldn’t go to other people’s houses due to the nasty germs. The Princess and Britney were pretty much – … Read More