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Tiny Little Joys

Last week Beautiful Lute sent me a TikTok link which was a neuroscientist talking about rewriting your brain to appreciate tiny little joys. I’m not right at the moment mostly because I think working through trauma makes you miserable whilst you’re going through it and I seem to have so much just going on with … Read More


There was a book by Emma Frost that I read and it stayed with me in that way that some books do. I’ve blogged about it before. Because that book very much effected my views on getting stuck in the conventions of relationships. Relationships that impress me remain those that are wide eyed and self-knowing. … Read More


Trauma informed therapy is a bit different to previous therapy I’ve done, it’s very focused. I like it and I hate it, which is why I suppose I become a fan of therapy every so often.I have previously described it as being like taking all your clothes off but frankly I do that a lot, … Read More

Sodding Men

CW: Mentions of assault, personal trauma, suicidal ideation and men being awful. It’s a bit of a vent to be honest. I am simultaneously very good at reading people and very good at not seeing obvious things. One of the podcasts I listen to (which I really hope is not run by a TERF but … Read More