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Bleed and Echoes and LARP

(Content Warning, some mention of real world emotional states) I LARP to cry. Specifically I LARP to properly sob, ideally crawling around spottily expelling deep sadness. I LARP to bleed. Not literally, I mean the Nordic term where you access your real emotions in order to further the scene. I guess I method LARP. Or, … Read More


There’s a lot in therapy at the moment about setting healthy boundaries, about thinking about who toshare what with. It may suprise you, oh reader of my public diary, that I do in fact have boundaries. Or maybe it won’t if you know me to speak to and can tell how much of what I … Read More


Trauma informed therapy is a bit different to previous therapy I’ve done, it’s very focused. I like it and I hate it, which is why I suppose I become a fan of therapy every so often.I have previously described it as being like taking all your clothes off but frankly I do that a lot, … Read More

Thinking About Therapy

In two weeks I will complete my current run of therapy. It’s been a bit of a trip, working through and processing old trauma right in the middle of new trauma. Trying to remain present when all this is happening around me is really hard and my coping mechanisms have gotten really unhealthy. On the … Read More