Trauma informed therapy is a bit different to previous therapy I’ve done, it’s very focused. I like it and I hate it, which is why I suppose I become a fan of therapy every so often.
I have previously described it as being like taking all your clothes off but frankly I do that a lot, so much for being raised naturist. Therapy is more like taking all of your skin off and then wandering around so that everything stings.
I think that the worst thing about trauma is knowing that when you’ve not been dealing with it you’ve ended up completely fucking over the people closest to you. Whilst you’re in it you don’t see it and then when you’re trying to work it all out you go over and over all of your actions and reactions and you’re trying to work out what you’ve made people feel and where the line is between your actions and their emotions, but with your skin off everything stings.
I like the fact that we’re talking about instincts in therapy, one thing about listening to True Crime podcasts, I’m getting amazing at believing in my own instincts. Therapy has been talking about ways that faith in our instincts is eroded from us. So do people who focus on crimes against women and especially those who look at the profiles of domestic abusers.
Everything stings and one day I want all the people around me to be happy.

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