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The Old Guy

I’ve been thinking a lot about The Old Guy I used to work with today. He had an adult ADHD diagnosis and later developed dementia, a lot of the people at the nursing home were very surprised that he wasn’t more distressed by the dementia. It was because he was used to the idea that … Read More

A Mental Break

(Content Warning – poor mental health, description of a mental break, mention of suicide) I’ve mentioned a few times that I suffered from a mental break last year. They used to be called nervous breakdowns. Technically a doctor can’t say definitively that I did because I didn’t immediately end up in in-patient care. However two … Read More

Self Diagnosis

(Content Warning – talking about mental health and self diagnosis, specifically mentioning ADHD, ASD, CPTSD, Depression also referencing suicide ideation) I keep seeing pro-self-diagnosis and vehemently anti self diagnosis things up on Facebook, Twitter and TikTok, hell The Comic Satyr even referenced me in their tweet about it. Originally I was very pro-self-diagnosis because there’s … Read More