I just got off FaceTime to my Mum in which I did a reasonable impersonation of snorting cocaine slightly to the side of the screen. This is obviously because today I got a prescription for Lisdexamfetamine and the doctor had to give me a briefing about not taking illegal drugs or alcohol with it. I was very proud of not saying “well that’s my weekend gone then” but clearly I told my Mum this. She laughed.

She rolled her eyes when I did the coke thing, I deserved that. I’m still hilarious though.

It’s mostly funny because the doctor spent a chunk of time explaining how to go out drinking whilst on these things – basically don’t take your meds the day before, the day of or the day after. Then he asked how much I usually drink. Apparently a glass of wine when I’m having a date night doesn’t count as needing to not take my meds that day.

I’m hoping that my brain responds like the Old Guy’s did – I take the meds and within a couple of hours I’m focussed. I suspect I am pinning far too much on these meds to be quite honest. But hey, it’s a multi-pronged approach, Meds and therapy and when I can – exercise. Having done support work for people with ADHD I did know a lot of what the doctor was telling me so at least I’m pretty sure it’s gone in.

The Fae Ref briefly made me wonder if the meds might impact the chronic fatigue but that’s pretty unlikely. I did find a study where they’d tested it but it seems pretty likely that it’s a very outlier response for amphetamines to work with chronic fatigue. Of course I’m hoping I’m an outlier right now.

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