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No Meerkats Today

I had promised myself that I would see meerkats today. There is a burst pipe so the meerkats (and other animals) are closed. I am really quite sad about this. I am therefore looking at previous meerkat pictures. Someone suggested that perhaps I was especially sad because I had LARPdrop. I said maybe but I … Read More

Hollow Hanami

(Content Warning: Mental Health navel gazing) Today I got up and made two types of onigiri, some dango and not a great version of Mochi. As is traditional the Jellicle and I were late to get to the picnic under the cherry blossom and DS Luke, Arg Mike and The Live Rep were there before … Read More

Bleed and Echoes and LARP

(Content Warning, some mention of real world emotional states) I LARP to cry. Specifically I LARP to properly sob, ideally crawling around spottily expelling deep sadness. I LARP to bleed. Not literally, I mean the Nordic term where you access your real emotions in order to further the scene. I guess I method LARP. Or, … Read More