Smell is Physical Emotion

I’m tired and this is probably not going to make much sense, but ok, listen (not drunk, not high, don’t have covid and am not having another mental break) you know how I was in therapy last year to basically have emotions again/connect with them? And then I was in the most emotionally securing full on relationship of my life?

So ok I wrote about nasal irrigation the other day because after having massive allergies at the back end of last year I started doing basically daily nasal irrigation. My breathing has improved (oh thank fuck say my covid-squished lungs) but oh sweet lords my sense of smell – suddenly I remember why Princess Lex, Last NS and I did BPAL meet ups and swapped Imps. My sense of smell has been numbed as much as my feelings were and they’re coming back in this esoteric slightly perpendicular to the truly physical kind of way.

Once again, stone cold sober and aware that I can’t express myself over this in anything other than a flow of consciousness type of way.

Smell and emotion are physical and not physical but smell is slightly more physical. They’re both things that intensify sex or completely spoil it too.

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