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In This House

I am staying in The White County at The Jellicle’s parents for Christmas. I’m not sure the last time I was here for Christmas, to be quite honest I’m not sure the last time I wasn’t working until Christmas Eve or Christmas Day and yet this year I finished yesterday and I’m not working again … Read More

Want Any Pills?

Yesterday I went to see the doctor about getting a diagnosis sorted out. Ended up in a conversation about trauma and information processing. Turns out when I couldn’t work out why I was struggling to process the dance calls at The Printers Guild Ball and was wondering if it was the low lighting or something … Read More

Did I Always Know?

This is such a weird question to me. I don’t know. When do people start to know? I’ve always known that I find women incredibly attractive, but when I was a teenager the level to which that was normalised seems a lot more than now, like obviously all women find women attractive, it doesn’t mean … Read More

My Pride Wishlist

I don’t think I’ve ever really had a Pride wish list before. I usually buy flags to decorate the house because that really cheered me up during lockdown, but to be honest our house is kind of covered in rainbows never mind if it’s Pride month. And to be honest this is where the capitalist … Read More

Nominally Bisexual

(Content warning – frank and casual mentions of rape) I described myself as nominally bisexual the other day. It occurred to me that if I’ve ever done that before it would have been in my twenties when I was struggling to get a girlfriend, or any interest from women and I couldn’t turn around for … Read More

Men Doing Better

I often do not write very encouragingly about men on this blog, it’s a place to vent and frankly I don’t think any woman gets to forty without ending up needing to vent about men. Maybe lesbians if there’s a real place to live in some kind of utopia like a low-budget version of The … Read More


Tonight DS Luke came over for dinner. There was a risk assessment beforehand, and he did an LFT, but The Jellicle and Imp agreed it was probably less risky than… well the entirety of my job. I made lasagne, a tricolore that wasn’t perfectly achieved, three types of cheese, yoghurt in the b├ęchamel and my … Read More