My Pride Wishlist

I don’t think I’ve ever really had a Pride wish list before. I usually buy flags to decorate the house because that really cheered me up during lockdown, but to be honest our house is kind of covered in rainbows never mind if it’s Pride month.

And to be honest this is where the capitalist nature of mainstream queer culture really rubs me the wrong way. A lot of queer culture is exported from the states and lets imagine that pure capitalism existed, queer culture benefits because just like any other subculture we’ve got cash to spend. We can in some ways buy our way into a legitimate identity, especially if you’re white, able bodied, cis and male. This materialism is in some ways soporifically comforting, a la heading out clubbing, in some ways it’s a giant fuck you to the mainstream, using the dominant paradigm to get our own back, to pull ourselves up screaming a la RuPaul. But it is still capitalism.

Anyway, here’s my wish list:

1. Tbilisi Pride was attacked last year, Georgia is facing a great many assaults on Queer freedoms and this is one way to help.

2. If you are queer in Russia they’re denying your Russian after decades of attack. This network is providing as much support as it can and trying to keep open any dialogue with the authorities.

3. Support queer Ukrainians who are facing a homophobic invader of their country.

4. If you want to support trans youth in this country then Mermaids is the one to support.

5. Finally a local charity working with QUILTBAG youth dealing with substance issues.

And here’s the materialistic one:

Pride Wishlist

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