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Self Confidence and Massage

I think that the same confidence I had when I took my first massage class is growing with each diploma that I complete. I do know how to touch people. Finished an in person weekend in Glasgow and doing the skincare part – so the facial and scalp massage was great fun. I do wonder … Read More


I admit that the massage diploma has cost an awful lot. I’m pretty poor right now (and The Jellicle is striking a lot this year) and the diploma is a chunk of change. To be fair it’s not the diploma itself that’s the problem it’s the driving and staying overnight that’s a bit much. However, … Read More


This winter I have felt particularly aggrieved every time I’ve got a cold. I’m behaving like I’ve got man-flu or something! The aches and fatigues just feel as if they’re the straw before the camel’s back breaks. See – I can’t stop being melodramatic about them! The Girl With the Golden Hair and I were … Read More