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Annie Nightingale

Honestly if you’d asked me a couple of years ago if I was a fan of Annie Nightingale I’d have said no. I still don’t describe myself as such, but I was surprised by how saddened I was to hear of her death. Then I got a bit of a shock, because honestly I was … Read More

Titan Sub – Christ

I laughed at some of the memes. A lot of the memes to be honest. This from someone who was so horrified by her reaction to Maggie Thatcher’s death that I donated to Shelter. I guess I did recognise that I was dehumanising/othering people who happen to be a magnitude of wealthy that is completely … Read More

Cheap Hotels

(Content Warning – discussion of suicidal ideation, remember the Samaritans are always there for you 116 123) Usually when I stay in Glasgow I end up at the Leonardo on a last minute offer because it’s pretty much unused over a weekend. This weekend that has not happened and I went for the cheapest option … Read More