I admit that the massage diploma has cost an awful lot. I’m pretty poor right now (and The Jellicle is striking a lot this year) and the diploma is a chunk of change. To be fair it’s not the diploma itself that’s the problem it’s the driving and staying overnight that’s a bit much. However, I’m really enjoying making study cards and reading and writing for the course.
The tutor is very good and she’s really got an eye on her students keeping on top of the workload. I think I might be a bit overly fond of highlighter pens and notecards though. Feeling a bit up myself for getting a head start on the A&P since less people in the class seem to have done that than I expected.
I’m struggling with the first proper essay – the practical side also has it’s own theory and essay writing separate from the A&P. It’s exciting though. I like the reading and the whole act of studying, I need to work out how to do it more regularly.

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