This winter I have felt particularly aggrieved every time I’ve got a cold. I’m behaving like I’ve got man-flu or something!

The aches and fatigues just feel as if they’re the straw before the camel’s back breaks. See – I can’t stop being melodramatic about them!

The Girl With the Golden Hair and I were supposed to be baking today, that didn’t happen so we’ve made a plan revolving around carolling next year. I did get to see FJ and have a morning coffee and chocolate tart with him though which was rather lovely.

I even managed to see MiL today, though that was because she was in need of an emergency massage. I’m proud I can help my friends feel better, MiL, Re-Enactor, DS Luke, Cornish Bloke, The Eyes, Ex-Gardnerian, I get to make them all feel genuinely better with the Massage I’m learning. I’m determined to take it as far as I can. I want to get as good as I possibly can do I can keep helping them feel good.

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