I am glad that I know Glasgow pretty well, not only because it makes studying there easier but also because it doesn’t feel as bad as perhaps it would knowing that the last time I was here I went on a date with The Fae Ref. I suspect if I ever end up in A&E here then absolutely I’m going to think about his kidneys straight away.

As it is Glasgow is, for me, primarily the city of Christmas Shopping. It is me and Last NS going around the Christmas market chatting, eating seafood, returning home on the train with a gingerbread house.

Glasgow is also hanging out with FJ, going to gigs, drinking tea with him and Last NS. It’s nattering to The Funniest Woman on Facebook as we did make up. It’s pottering around Rennie Mackintosh exhibits and drinking tea in The Willow Tearooms.

And it’s also remembering dancing with the Fae Ref and how it felt to be held by him as we talked as we danced about how he ought to take tango lessons with Beautiful Lute and all I could feel were his sparkles and all I could think of was how they would sparkle together.

I will need to go around the art gallery this Christmas because I need to get my gallery in a place where it’s not only where we talked about art whilst holding hands, and I tired myself out so his back wouldn’t hurt pulling his case, and we kissed in the alcoves and he impressed me by accurately describing the intentions of a piece and then laughingly revealed that he’d read the description on the wall behind me.

That dance workshop though, feeling so securely loved by him in those moments; I do know that each love is unique but I don’t have a comparison for that.

I do love Glasgow though, I’m glad we got to be here together before it ended. I am going Christmas shopping here later on this year though after it’s become the city where I studied.

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