Guess I Am A Bit Stressed Then

I had today off. I spent it dyeing my hair.

I played some Minecraft on a shared server and some multiplayer Stardew Valley. It was all very gentle and mostly involved making things look nice on a screen.

I didn’t go out all day and I feel so much less stressed than I have in some time.

Guess all that going out into hospitals and elderly people’s homes is actually making me somewhat worried then.

I’m picking up prescriptions tomorrow and there’s going to be so much hand sanitiser involved.

In other news the AEON LARP I was going to be playing in April has been postponed til next year, I will have no excuse for not learning to knit by the time I actually play the character!

Knitting is not something that comes naturally to me, there’s something about the movement of it that I can’t wrap my fingers around. Assuming I live through this year I’m going to be awesome at knitting.

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