Continuing As Normal

My main problem is that a great deal of the structure of my week remains the same. The media, social media, everything is talking about how life has changed and it has – queuing for supermarkets, not getting to close to people, most of my LARP activities have been cancelled. However, my work week remains structurally very similar to pre-pandemic and it is stressing me the hell out.

It’s almost as if I’m continuing on the same and the world around me is bending up into new and strange shapes. It’s not quite killing me but I just want to take a day off. I can’t, there’s currently no slack in the system at work and I’m exhausted by it.

It also doesn’t help that I know I’m not ‘on the front line’ (I hate that phrase, the nurses and NHS staff were not drafted and they did not sign up) I’m working in person with one vulnerable adult and online with another. I’m doing that thing I do, barely in any given group and not quite into a truly risky circumstance.

The low level risk and frustration gnaws at me.

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