Friday Night

Ok. So it’s Friday night and I’m in on my own. Well to be honest, I’m too knackered to be anywhere else, I had a totally hard day just lectures and trying not to fall asleep (and I wasn’t the only one). Well anyway, I wasn’t really planning on going anywhere. However I was looking forward to having someone to chat to, and when I came in the Curious Orange and Giggles were delighting over the various wonders of the Radio Times, so I was figureing, me, my housemates and possibly Ell watching all the Friday night randomness together. This I could cope with. I was quite looking forward to it.

Then they shouted up if I wanted anything from Spar, I didn’t but they never came back. I assume they’re not still at the Spar (they have been gone a few hours) but I wish I knew where they were, I’ve done the Friday night telly and it’s not really the same on your own. I rang all the usual suspects who all have their phones turned off.

I’m at the stage of wondering if its something I said…I hate not having anyone to talk to when I was expecting an evening of company. Looks like I am becoming pathetic and dependant afterall, I must stop that. Friday night and in on my own, how very very sad. One day I must remember how to conduct a life.

2 thoughts on “Friday Night

  1. Being lonely is not a sign of being dependent. Wanting company is not the same as being clingy.

    Come over sometime next week. If you’re in luck, I might even cook Spag Bol *grins*

    Am back on Sunday. See you soon

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