So Much To Do So Little Time

I want to do everything, I want to go everywhere, experience everything, I want to see it all; the Taj Mahal, Everest, the Pyramids, the Rockies, Incan Temples, Brazilian Rainforests, deepest Africa, the Sahara Desert, Uluru, Tibet, Japan, I want everything. And theres not enough time, unless I live forever of course and that might just be a matter of willpower.

Finished Promethea vol 4 today….fabulous. Jez wants me to draw the Fountain and the Beggar tarot cards as part of the tarot bit of his mural…I think I may also include a tiny Promethea one too actually.

I love life so much but its so interesting and so full and how can anyone bear to stop and rest and just dissolve into the nothingness of boredom?

I love people and things and the sky. I think that the sky is the most amazing thing seen on this planet, soo blue and wide and big. Course you don’t get proper skies over here. you get proper skies in Lincolnshire that are huge and wide and fill the horizon properly. Ha! And I’m not the only one who thinks so; one of the tutors on my course was saying as much last week :). Course she is from the fens…

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