I pride myself on being not soppy, well I’m not, yes I’ll admit happily that I can be girly (although I maintain less girly than most its hard to judge this when the nearest woman to measure yourself against is the inestimable Giggles). However soppy is not to do with being girly, soppy is a state of mind that makes people cry at movies and get squissy over romance etc.
I think that today has been a soppy day. I’m sure it’s Wrong Mike’s fault; got the urge to hug him after he called me Mishy, now that is not a normal response (nb. the normal response would have been to rip his head off with my bare hands…well attempt to at least)

Or maybe it’s because I found Stag Boy today, Stag Boy (by William Rayner) was this story that I totally adored from about the age of nine, its silly romantic drivel really but I loved it. All about this boy turning into a stag and it had an awful lot of Pagan stuff in it actually now I come to think about it. Herne the Hunter and stuff.

In anycase I conclude that I have been in a silly romantic mood today and that perhaps romantic moods are not entirely the same as being soppy so I’m still my normal self really! Although romance, love all the rest of it, I’m not really anti it so much I’d just rather avoid all that complicated mushy mess…I think.

One thought on “Soppy

  1. A combination of evolution, genetics and western influences has hardwired you to find certain situations pleasurable. The choice to avoid these certain situation is yours alone to make and more power to you for choosing not to conform… but it certainly doesn’t make you weak for fantasising over the ocassional romantic ‘what if.’

    Live long and prosper, Mishy.

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