What? You haven’t masturbated into a sink; you’re very vanilla aren’t you?

I have just had a brilliantly fun evening over at Mr. Jez’s playing various games (Cheapass rules ok!) Introducing the Curious Orange to Blakhurst Wainson was fun šŸ™‚ for much of the evening I was surrounded by three full grown males (by anyone’s time scale) pretending to be Zombies and doing impressions of Yoda having sex. This last of course did at one stage lead me to laugh so much and so hard I thought I’d broken a rib…but now matter; I was the second smartest zombie going…

So, me having hysterics and discussing the Archers with the Jellicle; today has been fun, I even managed a bath that lasted slightly under three hours today. I am very tired. Incidentaly I put up some new pictures; also some pictures up in the members area! Does anyone feel like leaving a guestbook message so that I know what you all think of the site?

Oh and the title of this entry is a quote from Blakhurst…it was also discussed tonight whether the Cornish Bloke has a laser beam for ejaculation…on the grounds tha I am still standing I think that this is highly unlikely…I mean can you imagine what would happen if someone did ejaculate laser beams? I mean real laser beams not silly sci-fi ones that do sod all and you can track across cities after one man! Is that Batman of the Future or one of the non-Star Wars films?

7 thoughts on “What? You haven’t masturbated into a sink; you’re very vanilla aren’t you?

  1. Perhaps, if he used a laser beam to aim, like snipers do in films.

    That way he always knows where it’s gotten to.

    Of course, this would involve one of his testicles being replaced with a bioelectrical cell capable of producing the power required to project a laser beam.

    Although this would be a welcome alternative (if I were he) to your suggestion, which would involve both testicles being replaced to provide the larger power output required for fully light-based ejaculate.

    (One final thought: or what if, instead of replacing testicles, Cornish Bloke were to gain additional ‘testicles’. Of course, this would have potentially negative aesthetic effects – a ‘bunch of grapes’ scenario – but it would provide an interesting talking point in polite conversation.)

  2. Probably, but I just don’t remember it. Hypotheses: No laser beam folks, no electric cells, just bucket loads of Orgone.

    If you don’t know what that is, google for it and Reichian Therapy….

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