Fuck This Computer

Oops been away for a while! Been sorting out strange problems and dilemma. You know my warder suggested tossing a dice…so I did, I realised I’d got the wrong result. So that meant I’d known what I wanted to do all along. Which was a quite a happy thing.

I’m working in a group at St. Martins with two people who really get on my nerves who I have to meet today at twelve o’clock; I’m not looking forward to it. On the other hand G is coming over to have he mask made up. So thats not so bad.

On the personal level; I’m fine don’t sound so concerned people, it’s well documented that Mish can take anything the world is able to throw at her.

Oh and I started writing this diary entry last night; whereupon I stopped to do what I’d wanted to do all along and it went the typical pear shape. Being tossed on the horns of a dilemma ( and I could make so many puns here but will refrain) is an arse for a few months but then it ends.

3 thoughts on “Fuck This Computer

  1. No one’s ever adequately explained to me what a dilemma looks like.

    It’s like that dinosaur that we only know existed because palaentologists found a huge pair of arms (but nothing else, oddly).

  2. I remember those. The giant arms had the same hollow bone structure as the struthimuimus, arcioptrex and compsognathus, complete with bird like joints and clawed ‘fingers’ which resembled avian claws. Therefore its reaonable to assume that this collossal beast was also a gallapod and therefore again would have had more than a passing resemblence to the modern emu.

    A dillema, then, is probably the colossal Rod Hull which its enormous forearm up the emu’s back side.

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