Interesting things occurring

The more observant may have noticed that I’ve been ill for about a week. I’m feeling better now, although of course now I have too much to write about. Where do I start? The death of a hamster? The birth of a rumour? My love of melodrama in any given situation?

The death of Satre, all of you will probably have heard about; her subsequent burial under a primrose also, and some of you right now are going ‘what? thats not important’. You haven’t heard my mothers other rule for why children should never have pets, the first is ‘who do you think is going to be looking after them?’, the other rule is because she used to get attached which she thought she shouldn’t do. Personally, I think it’s human. Its the least you can do if you’ve invited something living to come and live with you. My elegy to Satre isn’t very good really. I just miss her and felt bad when putting the blanket of earth over her because she was curled up in the sleeping pose. I wanted to make her warm. There we go thats my elegy; I miss the noisy hamster.

I seem to have this headache that isn’t going away again, except that last time it ached, this time it sort of throbs but in a very cottonwool sort of way. Giggles seems to still be ill and I’ve apparently managed to ignore the Jellicle completely; which is bad. Ooh but I think I had my first migraine which was exciting; well it felt like all the migraines I’ve heard about; flying through a sea of pain being uncertain which direction was up and which down.

Hmmm. So haveing said I have too much to write about I then prove my inability to write and ability to stop pointful things sounding so. Really tonight I could write very well about the curve of someones lips and the texture of their skin however it would be needlessly cruel to put you all through that. SO I will refrain.

Saw Kill Bill, was surprised by how much I enjoyed it.

2 thoughts on “Interesting things occurring

  1. Surprisingly good film, wasn’t it?

    And yes, that sounds like a migraine to me. Used to get them a lot before I got my glasses (and still get them when I forget to put them on).

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