Oh my God I just saw Oli! My darling wonderful gorgeous Oli! Who ok. was not the perfection to live with I may be making him out to sound like but I have missed him! Someone who was totally separate from all the other shit in my life, somebody who was ok to listen to my shit so long as I was there to listen to his. I loved living with him (mostly). I have his mobile number now, there are so many friends I need to just catch up with, theres so much I must do.

I need to slow down and prioritise I know, anyone who read last nights diary entry knows I’m stressed right now, I just need to get used to the new thing and I’ll calm down. Promise Curious Orange who I only know is concerned about me through the luscious Lexie! I just miss having time for people. In fact I can’t remember when I last managed to have time for people, which again is stressing me out, when did I become so busy? See Ell along with all the other crap I’d never be able to manage a boyfriend, no time, no heart.

Japan seems a long way off sometimes.

I can’t wait to catch up with Oli, he’s been in France for a year and I can’t wait to find out everything he’ been up to.

2 thoughts on “Oliver!

  1. Oh God.. you thought I was serious?!!!
    Sorry Mish it’s just that your (quite likely rhetorical) question left me with no answer other than to avoid certain situations you have a limited number of options. Since neither was a desirable solution (one being illegal and the final one being celibacy ((sp)) which you didn’t appear to enjoy last time) I settled for teasing you. Hence the laughter. In fact you laughed too or was that at something else ….
    I’m really sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you in any way.. particularly not to the extent where you felt unable to talk to me about it for a whole week!
    I don’t want you to get a boyfriend! If you did then there’d be less interesting stories… and more importantly you’ve made it clear many times that that is not the way you wish to live your life and I would hate for you to go changing any more than is strictly necessary as time goes by. I’m C of E, we fear change.
    *stop looking at me like that, *I’m* allowed to do it… it’s just everyone else I throw rocks at*

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