Spent a day which should’ve been highly enjoyable; yes you can actually see floor space in my room (sorry Sian-Princess that this wasn’t the case when you came to visit!) It really should have been the perfect end to a really good half term…it was a mellow day spent with a very close friend.

It was somewhere very close to being hell.

There is something very wrong with the entire female gender that also appears to have infected me. You know the bits in the books or in the films when the mistress asks such silly questions ‘so why are you going back to your wife?’ or whatever and you as the reader/viewer are just sat there going ‘don’t ask don’t ask you’re going to end up really really hurt don’t ask!’ I want to ask. I want to figure out what is happening in his head. Well ok I know whats happening really I suppose, I just want it etched into my soul in big, bloody letters that sear. It somehow makes things more real if they really really hurt.

Aside from the hellishness I have learnt (finally!) the rules of Go. Am really shit at it obviously, but I like it. Forgot entirely to ask the Jellicle whatever Sweetie told me to ask about typesetting but then I had other things on my mind. I have my fairy lights up in my room and they look really good. I’ve also managed to forget entirely my FTP password which is really really pissing me off. But I’ve found my cheque book and had really nice Chinese Food.

Chinese Food is good. Films are good and friendly company is good. I have a headache.

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