Is not something that happens if you’re me. Now The Yellow Dart who is often called The Curious Orange in these pages defines date as being when two people arrange to do something together at a future date, ok thats his definition and as such I have obviously been on dates, often multiple dates or something or other.

However, my definition of a date is an evening planned to involve romance. Now since I don’t do romance…the lack of dating is I believe explained. I and the Confused Highwayman did not go on a date tonight. We enoyed some food and a drink at The Three Mariners pub, which is a seriously fine establishment even if I didn’t see any ghosts. More people should go to the Three Mariners. In any case the only date I’ve been on in the past three years is to my Graduation Ball. Yes FFG did the romance bit very well, though formal wear my have had something to do with it. In any case. I am not wierded out by romance or love or any of the rest of it, I just generally prefer it to happen to someone else. Physical things don’t require so much thought and so are much easier to deal with.

Saw the Naiad last night at the Curious Orange’s birthday party; there you’ve finally got a nickname – happy? This means I won’t get confused over what to call her. In any case I haven’t seen her in ages so it was good to catch up somewhat. She looked like a modern version of Isadora Duncan, only alive obviously.

Went back on my promises to myself vis-a-vis the Jellicle Cat; can’t help myself really the man is gorgeous!

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