My First Solo Lesson

I’ve been tutoring (in effect) a pupil who isn’t in the same room as the rest of the class so that he knows what they’re doing and is doing the same. Usually my subject mentor (the teacher I follow around all day) stays with the rest of the class and gives the lesson. Today the position was reversed. I stayed with the class (they’re the designated ‘special educational needs’ group) and I took the main lesson whilst my mentor went to ‘tutor’ the other pupil.

They acted like I was a real teacher. WOW! It was pretty good. There were a group at the back who really tried it on; they just didn’t want to work to be honest. There were a couple who just wanted attention. On the whole though I had a really really good experience… well I think I did…I have to sit down and discuss this with my tutor tommorrow though…

4 thoughts on “My First Solo Lesson

  1. update me. Please…. I get so lonely with no-one to care for me. Please won’t you update me… I’m so cold.

  2. Hmm… Mish has been away over the weekend, according to The Yellow Dart’s blog. Of course, it’s always possible he’s murdered her and buried the remains in the back garden, and he’s lying about her having gone home.

    Mish, are you alive?

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