Twelve Hours

I finally got my timetable through today. Hurray! Now I can plan for lessons (in actual fact they want me to do four separe schemes of work, what me petrified? Never!)It’s actualy quite de-stressing to finally know what I’m supposed to be doing before I get into school…However that lovely de-stressing element was somewhat destroyed on Tuesday when I spent TWELVE HOURS in that building…TWELVE HOURS! Now I know its something that will occur in the job, all the teachers were there and it was ok to do pretend lesson in front of parents with the littlies. However, twelve hours in the place where you’re effectively working is tooo long.

It’s surprising how tiring just staying in the same four walls really is. The train ride home was no picnic either. I’m occaisionally asking myself. Do I really want to do this? Do I really want to be a teacher now I’m actually here and doing? I love the teaching, the actual working with kids and I can’t decide whether all the paperwork that I hate is the stuff that I’m getting because I’m a trainee or the stuff that I’d be doing anyway when I was actually a teacher.

I have such a headache at the moment, I’m finding it very hard to relax and convince myself that this is just for practice, I can see how it goes for now. That the Student Loans Company is requesting payment on the same date they’re giving me a loan doesn’t seem particularly funny right now. I am becoming so impatient of late.

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