And nothing was stirring not even a…gaggle of girls in the kitchen

Christmas Eve, a traditional one: my last minute shopping mad dash around Grimsby as I realise that my sister will hate what I’ve got her; desperately trying to find which shop stocks Matey Bubblebath for her stocking (she is a creature of habit and will complain if these habits are ignored she will be ANNOYED!);my dad stuffing the Turkey (swearing every so often for what reason I know not what); my sister and thousands of her friends commandeering our kitchen and making piles and piles of sweets.

Later on this evening we’ll head out to the carol service. It may make me a very bad Wiccan but I do enjoy the songs; it’s the only time of year you can get a CoE congregation to sing properly!

Merry Christmas! Good Solstice Tidings! Happy Hannukah! Glad Winter! Whatever it is have a good one and I hope you party hard over the New Year.

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