Back again!

So I’m back in lancs. Expect to see new pics u here very soon as I try out my new digital camera! I’m feeling ever so slightly unwell at the moment; I woke up this morning with a sore throat and throuout the day it has just gotten worse. Ah well. My headache has also increased, but I’m keeping that at bay with Ibruprofen.

Today has been strangely knackering; Sage, the street Cat, ok ok The Jellicle’s cat really has apparently gone missing, although as Ell and Zoe have only been gone three days and only got back today I’m not sure how missing missing Sage has gone.

It was good to see Ell and Zoe today, and it was good to have microwaved Indian as well (Hurray for Take-out!) I’m trying to get my room together a bit today and tommorrow, didn’t manage so much today, maybe get stuff a bit more sorted tommorrow and begin on the dreaded lesson plans too…ah well such is real life. I don’t much like this lark.

I think I have a clearer idea of what I want to do when the inevitable letter comes from the Japanese Embassy telling me that I haven’t gotten to Japan, I can keep on applying to these places for jobs that pay me but I could also try the ‘year out’ approach, it won’t be twelve months but it could be ten in Thailand or China, alas not in Japan. Then I could get my NQT here for a year, gain a TEFL and get out to Japan (hopefully) the year after that.

I have all these plans, any one of which could be knocked over in a second, but at least I have some idea of how I want to travel…and that I want to. I guess somewhere in my mind is the idea that, once I’ve travelled I could maybe opoen a bookshop. Get some money together by teaching and put it into a small business run by my very own self….hmmm it’s surprising what a Saturday job can do to you.

I can’t wait for everything to happen, this term should be such a nice one. But I also just want to wait and see, see what amazements will surprise me. And I guess at least part of me is curious; whats this relationship lark going to be like…and how long before I actually remember in conversation that I have a boyfriend?

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