Endings and Beginnings

The year will end tonight and another one wil begin, I am feeling really very cyclical indeed. I am going to Byron’s party although I’m not entirely convinced that I won’t head for the hills at some point before midnight and greet the new year under the stars. I don’t know.

What has happened to me this last year?

I had the most fantastic birthday, sitting under Giggles christmas tree in Newcastle in January. I had two fantastic lovers for the longest time in FFG and Giggles who gave me some very wonderful memories.

I’ve lived much of my life on cam this year which has been so much fun…I guess I’ve unleashed the inner exhibitionist.

I saw my lovers get together in a lovely loving relationship which seems to me to be one of the best relationships I’ve seen in a long time.

I moved in with my wonderful friends the Curious Orange, FFG and Giggles.

I appeared in Cosmo in May, and had my sexlife toned down for it’s easily shockable readers….

I graduated from University with a 2:2 and am casting about trying to figure out whether I want to be a teacher in this country or not. I have a whole life waiting for me and it seems like I’m flapping my wings experimentally, seeing if I can fly.

I’ve also got myself a wonderful sexy boyfriend who says he loves me. How amazing is that?

I’ve had great sex, wonderful friends and now it seems like anything’s possible for 2004. I can’t wait to fly on into it and see what happens.

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