Oh Fuck!

So anyway, I’m not going to Japan.
Why not I hear the cry? Well I’ve been asked to represent my country before…and in both cases I managed not to swear during the interview…yes I swore.

They were asking me about the Mexican Street Children and I was explaining how hard it was to get through to some of the slder kids and said, ‘As far as they were concerned we were rich westerners why the fuck should the care what we said’ So I’m not going to Japan next year. So in between writing personal evaluations and lesson plans this morning I tried to figure out what I should do next year; of course there is always the possibility that I may teach in Thailand or China or one of the other countris I’ve applied to. Do I try to get a TEFL qualification? Do I want to get my NQT status? I have no idea what I want to do exactly…run a bookshop eventually I think is the plan. Get published would be good…don’t have enough life experience for my sorts of books. I’d like to get the website working better too.

What do I do now that my plans have gone out of the window?

5 thoughts on “Oh Fuck!

  1. You ever thought that maybe you should get the hang of teaching in this country, before swanning off to an alien country with a massively different culture, a language you aren’t fluent in, and trying to teach kids out there?

    Spend a year or two teaching in Britain, and then work on your future plans. Get some money in and save up.

    But yeah, sorry to hear about the fuck up.

    *sympathetic hug, ignoring your shudder of repressed desire, or revulsion, one or the other…*

  2. Bad luck Mish. I’ve done a similar thing in an interview where I was asked a question I feel strongly about. Personally I think interviewers should, in the main, grow up and live in the real world. Not the PC world they often think they live in. (Thinking about it what I’m saying sounds a bit odd, suffice it to say I lost an interview once for being open about sexuality; specifically safe sex, and my promotion thereof)

    Anyway all the best.


    P.S. You still owe me a chess game from a year and a half ago!

  3. Oh Fuck indeed…
    *gives more hugs*
    Still, I hope it’s not going to scupper all of your plans – despite your apparent predilection for swearing in interviews (*twitches*) it sounds like you’re shit hot at teaching, so don’t let this setback stop you. Think of the children! 😉

  4. Just to clarify, do you know for certain you’re not going (as in a letter or phonecall confirming it)or are you just convinced you’re not going?

    TEFL might be a wise idea. Speak to the Sian-Princess about it, she’s been working on it for the last little while. They offer it at St Martins don’t they?

    Oh and honey if you don’t have the life experience to write a book (or several) at our age, I don’t know who does.

    Don’t be down on yourself. Something will turn up. It worked out last year didn’t it…?

  5. Archangel. I have taught children in Mexico, I have worked with children in Ecuador, I have also worked with children and adolescents in America and I promise you I am neither fluent in Latin American Spanish or American. I have enough experience to know that if you want to travel then get out and do it before you get sucked in to same old same old like I keep on seeing people doing. I’ve been working in schools since I was fourteen and did work experience and I need to LEAVE!

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