Today was crisp before it became overcast and wet, my garden is budding, all the bulbs that I planted seem o be heading up for the light, it’s very exciting except that none of them look small enough to be the snowdrops although I may be mistaken on this. Everything is beginning to build up although it’s cold enough to be winter I can still see flowers in my garden and bulbs, their green tips, pushing up through my earth. Oh it’s like there is a promise of spring and I can’t wait. I had to cut back parts of the rose though, which is sillily attempting to flower, that was depressing but I know I have to cut it back hard to that it flowers better.

I do love the promise of spring even if when spring comes it’s wet and cold and miserable much like the rest of the day was after the promise of the bulbs in the crisp garden this morning. I am looking forward to the Manly Viking’s birthday do tommorrow though…

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