Our Life Is What Our Thoughts Make It

I came across this quote today on the Greymatter site. It’s from Marcos Aurelius (I think that that’s spelt wrong) Its something I’ve been trying to figure out how to say for a while, and look, somebody already said it and very simply too. The way we think, how we see things as being thats how our universe is formed. My housemates could probably put this better, they’ve spent their time at university surrounded by the right sort of books.

Another thought; if our thoughts create for us our lives then do what books we read create our thoughts and so our lives? Widening for all who object to books the word books to the word ideas imbibed through culture….oh dear that sounds more pretentious than I intended. So our lives are a mass of bubbling ideas, thoughts passing from spider light to spider light, bubbling, bubbling along each eternal thread.

All we are is thought.

I’m not actually having a very original afternoon at all….oh dear hello Descartes, it took me twenty-one years to basically paraphrase your original thought. Or did I? Well I know enough philosophers, will you tell me if I did or not?

It may be that I am recovering from last night; well I got part of my wish…Sweetie was there. Indeed I spent most of the evening drunkenly cavorting on his lap….mmmmmmm maybe I should stick to older men! I drank my Moet at mdnight; well I thought I’d treat myself, still the solitary soul inside was jealous of Wrong Mike, FFG and Giggles: a new board game, snow outside (ok it was sleet) and midnight chiming….I went outside at Anny’s there was no church near enough to hear.

I miss that from home. The Church is at the other end of the lane I live down, they peal the bells at the last stroke of midnight, and on a clear night they carry beautifully the quarter of a mile through the trees. I remember listening to them with my Grandma whilst my parents were at some party or other. I listened to them with my ex-boyfriend after we’d had an Alan Benett marathon. I’ve listened to them on my own as the girl I was supposed to be with appalled the entire village in the village hall.

From the end of this road I could’ve heard the bells out in the Scotforth Churches but at Anny’s we did get fireworks. Until it started to sleet in earnest anyway. I must seek out the Satanist Leopard more often I think, she intrigues me….mmmm I wonder if her and the Highwayman will get it on?

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