America and France

In most states of America it is now possible to sue if you are thrown out of school for wearing a pentacle or pentagram necklace. Wicca is now a recognised religion in the States as it is in Ireland (it still isn’t in England but hey, it only came into being in England!) and thus when you are wearing a designated symbol of that religion, provided it is discrete and doesn’t interfere with the teaching, you don’t get expelled. And frankly, given America’s legal system, you can probably get away with dangly pentacle earrings in a technology lesson due to the terified teachers!

So why in France; no pentacle, no crucifix and (the one that everyone is so up in arms about) no Muslim headscarf.

Both are republics but this emphasises the difference between a secular republic and one set up by religious nuts. The religious nuts realise that in the modern world every other religion must be respected in order for others to respect them. The secular republic, the home of idealists and intellectuals, the first true republic of the old world who stood for egalitie, fraternitie and libertie; they want to restrict the freedoms of the people.

How can France be thinking of this? Where did they get this idea? The separation of church and state has been a good idea in France for various reasons, prevents the church (any of ’em) indoctrintating children too early…But how can wearing a symbol to show your affiliation to whatever religion hurt a childs education? Sikhs, Jews, Muslims and Christians all believe they should wear various clothes as part of their religion. Why stop them?

It intrigues me as a member of a minority religion that all these majority religions are suddenly getting their basic rights threatened, normally it’s me proclaiming the rights and whatsits of minority religions using the majority religions rights as my yardstick. If even the majority religions are not given respect then what chance do we witches have?

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