I rejected lovers before,
On grounds so insubstantial,
The three words that they had to say,
I was well on my way.
Becoming alone, becoming enthroned, in my eternally there,
Mish Philosophy.
And now?
Still there, the words:
Don’t Faint,
Don’t Fall,
Don’t Crack,
written in pages flicking in my head,
but I fainted of course and all because of what you said
What made me take them now?
What made me think that I could pull close what I can never have.
Never having of course I pulled close,
And threw away what came too close to loving…
It’s the petals that close too tightly and strangle you in their embrace
But I won’t die inside,
Not this time:No flower
So I don’t need to run away.

7 thoughts on “Trust

  1. Sometimes it’s nice to share something you’ve written without providing a word by word translation. That way people can take away whatever meaning they want from it.

    It would get pretty dull if everyone who wrote songs or poems provided a step by step translation guide. It’s nice to make your own judgements from time to time.

    Nice poem, btw Mish…

  2. have we not learned our lessons about jumping to blog related conclusions? I only wanted to know the jist of it, so I could understand.

  3. I’ve got a load of poems I’ve written and I’m currently making me a little website as a way of destressing myself during all these crappy exams and stuff.
    I shall leave the link with you once it’s on it’s way to looking half pretty.

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