Argh! It is just me!

Finally something has happened to the cableing in my room….argh!!!!!!!!!! I can no longer connect to the internet and yet my camera is working perfectly. I have located one dodgey cable. ARGH!!!! BLUEFOO come back I need some help…nuts nuts nuts.
Anyway have been trying to find Beardy Best Mates thingumy on putty and he no longer exists anymore….whats this all about. I tur my back for a few days and all my internet workings go screwy!

The school that I am currently at is cool. They actually let me take on responsibilities like ooh giving me keys hurray! I have to hand in two lesson plans today so I’m a little nervous but so far so good. The girl in the upper sixth who I recognised at ten paces still hasn’t spotted me which is very nice because the more she associates me with school the less I think shes going to think, hmm in a club last summer…

Anyway I can’t believe I’m going home for the weekend leaving me with some serious hassles about whats happened to my internet connection. You see the room has finally bitten back.

Right, argh! Grr. See I can’t even put things the right way round…I’m freaking a little I think.

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