I want my holiday!

Just found out that I don’t break up on Friday as I thought but on next Wednesday. So much for the quiet few days I was planning on spending with the Jellicle Cat. I have to go home over the Easter weekend, on the plus side I get to see some friends from France I haven’t seen in years. On the minus side I have to go home. I am so tired. I overslept this morning by about half an hour. On the plus side I only had sixth formers today but I think I made rather a hash of their lesson. Oh buggeration and bollocks. I don’t want to do this, I keep getting paranoid that I’m fucking up peoples A Levels and GCSEs.

I mean it’s unlikely that I am because their teachers would’ve said something but really am getting nervy about it.

Oh well…it seems that Sweetie can cook which is always a bonus when someone offers you dinner. It was really really good…and he said if I come and do his garden for him then he’ll cook me more food….mmmm food is goood……so is gardening.

I wonder, is it a sign of premature middle age that I enjoy food and gardening or is it a sign of hedonism that I enjoy the pleasures of the physical; food, gardening and sex?
I mean really, they’re all artforms aren’t they: cookery, blending all the subtle flavours together, presenting something to awe the nose and make heady the mouth; gardening, creating a place of visual and tactile splendour with flowers all the colours of the rainbow to see and foliage of different textures to rub and caress and breathe the scent of; then theirs sex, all the different permutations to taste and smell and touch and hear and see and touch and touch….mmmmm

I had good sex last night too.

On the whole I think I’m going to believe that my love of gardening and food isn’t premature middle age but a sign of hedonism.

Hmmm maybe…

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