Of running away and rudderless hippies

I’m running away. You’ve got six monthes and I’m out of here.

I almost take leafs out of Last NS’ book. But can’t quite…

I’m tired. I spent the day wandering around a freezing cold forest full of sculptures, the forecast was snow…and it kept on snowing…in bursts…all day. I think on some level the sheer freezingness entered my soul. Or something.

I’ve been to Grizedale before, but I’m sure I remembered it having less hills. I mean I was aware how far my fitness levels have dropped over the last couple of years but the way my muscles have been aching over sod all real walking. I’ve trekked through the Andes dammit. I’m tired and cold and feel particularly lifeless today.

Next week I get to drain my essence away into another souless room filled corridor world of box pleats not ordinary pleats and earrings in school colours only. My life is merely existence…but I have plans πŸ˜‰

9 thoughts on “Of running away and rudderless hippies

  1. the owl and the pussy cat went to sea, in a beautiful pea-green boat, they took some money and plenty of honey, wrapped up in a five pound note.’

    There’s a lesson to be learned there. Just don’t get married by some pig with a ring through its nose!

  2. Don’t you dare! Do you think I’m proud of myself? Being a ‘rudderless hippie’ is lonely and empty and leaves holes in you that slowly fill up with despair…

    Just keep going, and think of me as a horrible warning….

    And next time you’re going to walk around hills, take someone less fit with you to make you feel good. Hint, hint. πŸ˜‰

  3. Pardon for intruding, but can I ask where you are thinking of going? Or is it just annoyance at teaching or something else? (Pardon my questioning nature)

  4. yeah, exercise sucks. there are far better ways to exercise than walking to college so in protest I get the bus for 5 minutes every morning instead of a 20 minute walk. It also means I get a little lie in πŸ˜‰
    So if it’s unfit people you are after, here I am. I am here.

  5. I’m sorry but frankly don’t whine about how hard walking is. If it is hard then cheer yourself with the fact that if you do it again tomorrow then it will be easier.

    I normally give you positive karma for your posts, as some people seem to be really down on you for what I consider stupid reasons. I’m not doing that today though – ok, you feel awful, say that but don’t whine about it.

    I agree that schools are the focus of evil, but hadn’t you realised that by the time you decided to do a PGCE?


  6. That’s a little harsh John. Where else are people to be permitted the luxury of whining about their lives if not in their own diaries…? I certainly whinge in my diary (heck it’s all I seem to do in there lately) and I don’t think I’d take kindly to someone telling me not to. Having somewhere to whinge is the whole point in us having these things isn’t it…?

    Have karma point Mish. We all have crap days hon…

  7. Ok, maybe I was a little harsh (I was having a bad day myself and it tends to make me a bit intolerant of other’s troubles).

    Perhaps that was a bit unfair of me.


  8. I never get your diary, coz your too stingy to let me read it! Damn you!
    Talking of diaries, I should update mine… I have news.

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