Oh Fitz Fitz Fitz!


It really will spoil the plot. The real end bit so don’t read it if that matters to you.

If you don’t know who Robin Hobb is, or what she writes then she has a very useful littlewebsite.

Oh why oh why oh why Fitz must you be someone so annoying. Sometimes I want to scream at your density! I mean in Assassins we could forgive you, you were very young, five, when the series began. But really Fitz! I mean for ever you’ve been denying the fact that you love the Fool. Well sorry he isn’t a girl but get over it. Then when you finally do admit that you love him, he is your Beloved you bloody well leave him. ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!! You stupid bastard! ARGH ARGH ARGH!

Right, I got it out of my system. The book is great and Fitz does exactly what Fitz would do and always does. I think that thats why I liked the Fool better. It was Breakfast at Tiffany’s (the film version) all over again except that the character of Fitz wasn’t mangled hugely like Holly Golightly.

I know Fitz thinks he’s happy that he’s got the girl and gets to have children which really bugs him and has done forever. But I mean really. Grrrr. You see Burrich shouldn’t have died…well not as far as my thinking goes, bloody Fitz always forgets the Wit and thinks ah well can’t do it with the Skill, so I can’t do it. You’d think he’d have learnt by now! Nope, and really if Chade had been there when Burrich raised Fitz you’d think he’d tell Fitz to do it with the Wit for Burrich.

Then you see Fitz would have followed the Fool and they’d have loved each other. So it isn’t like Breakfast at Tiffanys really. Just my general frustration with people who want to settle down and be dull.

The problem with Robin Hobbs characters is that they’re real people. Well they seem that way, bloody well written and she couldn’t have done anything else with Fitz, except got him his Molly and made him happy. But oh and he didn’t even understand the Fool’s last message. Oh honestly! Fitz Fitz Fitz! GRRRR!

4 thoughts on “Oh Fitz Fitz Fitz!

  1. They’re all fantastic characters – though its always annoyed me that Fitz could have been so much better at being an assassin. Thats why I love Chade. For all his Carris Seed addiction, the man is a perfect Left Hand.

  2. Fitz has always annoyed me, largely by being himself. So bloody uptight. I guess thats why I liked The Fool/Amber

  3. Sweetie,
    As you have inadvertently inherited my Robin Hobb collection, do you want to add my Fool’s Errand to your stack?

    Of course that means you have to meet up with me before I head north again this weekend. 😀

  4. Fair exchange is no robbery, although if you’d like the Robin Hobbs back…give me a ring on the house phone and I’ll meet up with you.

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