On Barcrawls And Getting Drunk

I’m going to moan on my diary. It’s my diary.

Well ok, I don’t feel like moaning today actually, hmm what do I feel like doing? Telling you all to talk hard…except that try as I might Hard Harry ain’t me.
I got pissed a lot over the last few days, Byron…well I wasn’t anywhere near Byron even at her driest but I tried…not a sensible move.

On the other hand something made me suddenly attractive , or just feel confident enough to end up in Sweeties office…hehehe. Hurrah. If only I my memory was sharper…I mean I can remember it but it’s kinda blurry. Gooood blurry too, ya know I can smell the criticisms coming from here.

Hmmm I’m feling bitchy. But good. I’m a Mish and we are here ande people can take us or leave us, thats how everything happens. I can’t believe FoxyJonno and the Curious Orange bombarded him with questions! Honestly what did you think we were doing?

Oh well yah boo sucks to bad people, hurrah for Foxy Jonno, hurrah for Repressed Rant who offered to take me home coz I felt ill, but mostly HURRAY for Sweetie.

3 thoughts on “On Barcrawls And Getting Drunk

  1. Ah, we were just making the guy squirm a little.
    As he is a bloke, there is a staple, nay required amount of ribbing that must be performed in the event of Unexpected Sex happening. Especially if it doesn’t happen all that often, bless ‘im.


  2. *wishes she could remember who Sweetie is*

    I hate being deprived of gossip by my own bad memory…


  3. slightly off topic but…

    Am trying to get some folk together to meet at the Bobbin at 8pm on Saturday. Are you up for it? I know you’re busy but it is the weekend, and it doesn’t have to be for long…

    Am popping around people’s blogs and leaving messages here and there to get as many people as poss. together…

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