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I am sat in this classroom; I thought that todays workshop would be helpful. It is a workshop called web design.
I have already designed my website and launched it onto the net, no I’m not going to tell you where, its a small and bouncy thing which shows my grinning mugshot (actually a better photo than this site!) and tells you all about my hobbies and which artists I like.

I just got congratulated about managing to put links on my site.

We’re using Microsoft Publisher. It took me an hour and a half to do what it’s supposed to take three hours to do. I can’t help anybody else because they’re trying to become familiar with the software.

The tutor says that teaching me anything would be pointless…because I wouldn’t be able to use it. Out of sheer desperation to learn something anything I showed him this site. He now says he can’t teach me anything else. There is so much stuff I could do with a web design workshop on and instead I am sat here on my computer keeping myself occupied because they have nothing to teach me. How come everything that they teach you is bad practice is what they do?!?

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  1. I’m afraid that’s how life is Mish. You define "bad practice" by observing what you do when you are hurried or not paying attention. Of course there are lots of other kinds of "bad practice", but nobody but an idiot would do them.

  2. Exactly why were you at lurps tonight when you clearly should have been tucked up in bed with several varieties of medicine?

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