Mish the schoolteacher, Mish the guide leader, Mish the….

I am not a teacher. Teachers should be able to inspire children. I’d give anything just to be able to help one child, any child to actually do what I’ve asked them to do for an hour. Just one hour.

My writing has gone down the pan recently, the same can be said of my artwork. I’m learning how to garden but my magic? Not quite as down the pan as my writing and painting but it feels like its headed the same direction.

My website? Well now theres a bright spot. Thankyou very much to the member who shall remain nameless (unless you want to comment) who so liked my new thigh high boots that they sent me a present. It is much appreciated 😉

Nothing works. Nothing about me works anyway, not in the way I want it to. I’m leaving. I’m walking out. I didn’t even manage to get a Glastonbury ticket and I really tried as far as thats concerned. Dratted thing.

So what am I going to do? Running away seems to be what I have planned and that somehow seems wrong. Better choose something right. I don’t know what though.

3 thoughts on “Mish the schoolteacher, Mish the guide leader, Mish the….

  1. Running away really wouldn’t work. For a start, you’d have to take your webcam with you, which would kind of help people track you down.

    Anyway, getting back to my usual attempts to keep your spirits up:

    You’re a student teacher. Remember them? The ones everyone ignored because they weren’t real teachers? At least, that’s the way it worked at my school, and my school sounds as bad as yours any day. We were put in Special Measures by Ofsted, all twenty governors were suspended, the headteacher ‘retired to spend time with his family’ and we’ve had a 48% turnover in teachers in the past five years.

    You’re a student teacher. In the mind of a 14 year old shithead, that makes you a target.

    (Have you read your school’s Ofsted report yet? Seriously, do it.)

  2. If you’re going to run away – run to Wrexham. This place will show you what it’s like to have the life sucks out of you 🙁

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