One Day, One Time

I don’t know how many beautiful people I’ve met, there seem to be so many of them. I remember in my first year on some student pole Lancaster got voted as having the best looking undergrads…well all I can say is that they must’ve been right.

So many people I know who just look so…and so who are so…the words defy me.
So lets see, all my beautiful friends…can you guess who I’m describing? (I’m not posting answers in my comments but if you’re desperate to know I will tell you)

Soft lips bending to reach rounded cheeks and deep eyes that fall away into everything, an outside shell that is transparent and yet impenetrable and a wide smile that gives away nothing.

Smile starting in those shining eyes that miss nothing and hide everything, controlled passion in a voice made for poetry or protest, the smartest ideas wrapped into a mind built for utter purity.

Curving lips that widen hugely and eyes that dance merrily, voice that tickles inside the ears in a whisper and deepens to a roar of absolution, the walk a dance of teasing playfulness.

Perfect pixie smile, eyes innocent and wild, a sway and poise that cannot be repeated and voice soft enough to slide along that creamy-white skin.

Full like-lightning smile in a face that changes by the second, perfect poise and a truth for every occaision in a voice that speaks only when you are so sure, quicksilver under velvet wraps.

I look at who I’ve initially thought of as beautiful…beauty is a deffinate quality I think. Not an aesthetic one only but also something that can be percieved in some other way, I mean not purely visually. There is some overall quality in these people that has made me think of them as I have described beauty. There are too many people who I know are beautiful for me to go on. Perhaps there is something in the strength of their personalities.

‘Beauty is truth, truth beauty,

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  1. GoldenWindow
    "Curving lips that widen hugely and eyes that dance merrily, voice that tickles inside the ears in a whisper and deepens to a roar of absolution, the walk a dance of teasing playfulness." (Mish 2004)

    I thank you for the complement, but I think you meant to say

    " Fat, balding and constipated with crooked smile and ginger pubes that tickle inside the ears in a whisper and deepens to a roar of absolution, the walk a dance of teasing playfulness, brought about by one leg being longer than the other. But aleast he’s got more balls than hitler. (2)"

  2. I agree Giggles,that the thinking must come first and that without thought we could not percieve beauty.
    Without beauty would we bother to develop aesthetic thought? Personally I believe that the development of aesthetic thought allows for us to push back boundaries within our own brains, thus developing the very thinking process itself.
    In order to develope aesthetic thought there must be the perception of beauty, there must also be other peoples perceptions of beauty. And then there must be the attempt to define, something essentially underfinable.

  3. If you haven’t already, you should read ‘The Cheerleader’ and ‘Return of the Vampire’ by Caroline B Cooney. I have them if you want to borrow them. They’re point horror books (but don’t let that prejudice you) and they tackle some of the beauty verses aesthetic thought issues in quite a nice way.

  4. flattered greatly. Though if I were to write on the subject of beauty, I would draw a division between natural beauty and human beauty. One cannot rant about sunrises and field mice in the same breath as corsets and faces.

    human beauty comes not from any combination of lines, cheeks, angles or smiles. Those things merely reflect true beauty, which comes from within – a blend of grace, wit, cheer, kindness, charity, faith, forgiveness and intellegence. Those things make someone beautiful and it shows on the surface, no matter how one might appear.

    ah, faux philosophy. Aint it great. 🙂

    thank you F.

  5. I think the Yellow Dart is beautiful…. Both inside and out; when I walk into a room and find him already there, I can’t help a joy-filled grin plastering my face…

  6. I think that they’re all part of the same thing; beauty is what is inside a person and what is outside just as much and I think it is poosible for someone to be beautiful wearing a corset and pvc just as much as it is for a sunset ot be.

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