Since when…?

Since when have I been unable to deal with pleasantness? How long ago was it I became a complete freak when it came to social niceties, compliments and general happy things directed at me? At some point I’ve crossed the line from standard person into total boor.

Theres a line between declaring yourself anti-love (and believe me when I say that I still think Love is one of the most horrible, terrible feelings known to humanity) and anti-human feeling but just lately it seems I can’t even deal politely let alone at all with human stuff.

Compliments: you freaks who’s complimenting me? what for? can’t you tell it’s not worth it.
Friendliness: whaddya want anyway? I haven’t time for your shit
Congratulations: oh gods! Don’t even try, you’re repressing me I can tell whats behind your eyes piss off you mean bastards

hmmm definately not been feeling human for a while. How come it takes me forever to notice these things. I have to stop this teaching lark I swear it drains the humanity from you. I want my friends back…also I want to be human again!

7 thoughts on “Since when…?

  1. Thank you for your most kind words about me, two postings ago.

    I shall correct you – my work is destined for the USAF rather than the MOD, however the sentiment remains the same.

    Be wary if our paths should cross in future.

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